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Billur Tuz, as the first refined salt factory of Turkey, has been operating in Izmir since 1964. Billur Tuz, provides its raw material from Çamaltı Saltwork Turkey’s biggest sea salt farm. Çamaltı Saltwork is located near the Izmir Bird’s Paradise, a natural reserve area, along the Aegean Sea Coast.

As being the most reliable and leader brand in salt industry in Turkey, Billur Tuz operates the biggest factory with capacity of 250.000 metric tons per year in its modern facilities and continues to increase its capacity with new investments.

The main focus of Billur Tuz was used to be production of refined table salt, in time, it expanded its investments on production facilities according to market needs, and has widened its portfolio with refined and washing industry salts, health salts and natural grinding salts.

Product quality of Billur Tuz bases on international standards with advanced laboratory and production technologies such as ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System which are certified by TSE (Institute of Turkish Standards) and in accordance with TSE’s Cooking Salt Standard TS 933 and Industrial Salt Standards TS EN 973. Billur Tuz products are also granted with Halal and Kosher Certificates.

Billur Tuz has constantly offered high quality and premium products that contributes value on both health and life since 1964. Products of Billur Tuz are valid in each region of Turkey, besides both Billur branded and private label products have been exported about 80 countries all around the world.